Hotel review: Treehotel, Sweden

Hotel review: Treehotel, Sweden

Hotel review

Check out this clutch of seven gorgeous treehouses – each designed by a different architect – suspended from the branches of a Narnia-esque pine forest in Swedish Lapland.

The latest creation was unveiled this month – hanging 10 metres off the ground and obscured from below by a life-size photograph of the treetops. Once inside, you’ll discover panoramic windows for eyeing up the Northern Lights and the Lule River, whilst the patio has a net for wallowing in and staring up at the stars.


Credit: Johan Jansson (and the image above)



Credit: Johan Jansson

I woke to the sound of creaking branches whilst staying in the Bird’s Nest – it sways in the light breeze – with superb views of the forest and far-reaching sky from its mini portholes. Camouflaged in the branches, it was definitely the most unusual hotel room I’ve ever had the pleasure of cosying up in.


The Bird’s Nest

There’s nothing rough and ready about these impossibly cosy hidey holes – the interior is Scandi chic and super comforting. I didn’t give a hoot there’s no shower (they’re taken in the main house) since there’s every chance you could spot the Northern Lights from your tree-top den. I didn’t, despite curling up on the bed and staring for hours out of the windows. If you managed to catch the Aurora, that’s a massive added bonus.


One of the hotel’s biggest draws is the mirror cube, blended into the forest from each and every angle.


The Mirror Cube

The UFO, meanwhile, is as unique as hotel rooms get. Prepare to snap some of your most envy-inducing Instagram pics here…



When I wasn’t taking time out in my quirky home for the night, there’s husky sledding with hot chocolate pit-stops, snowmobiling, cracking Nordic cuisine in the hotel’s main house, and naked sauna sessions. When in Rome…


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