12 things you’ll have done while travelling across South America in the Noughties

12 things you’ll have done while travelling across South America in the Noughties

1. Cycled the ‘world’s most dangerous road’ in Bolivia and shit your pants after catching a nail-biting lift for the return journey with a nutter driver.
2. Ignored your parents when they said: “Whatever you do, don’t go to Colombia.”
3. Bought a tiny bikini in Brazil while trying to look goddess-like on Ipanema – but those thongs, man. Only Victoria Secrets models can get away with them.

4. Read Marching Powder by Rusty Young and told all your mates you hung out in San Pedro Prison with its protagonist, Thomas. You didn’t.
5. Stayed on Ihle Grande far longer than you’d planned, attempting to surf by day and getting loose by night.
6. Swug beer at the Sunset Bar whilst exploring the pampas of Bolivia from the little jungle town of Rurrenabaque.
7. Nearly crashed as you flew out of Rurrenabaque in a tiny plane, as stray cows wandered across the runway.
8. Heard all about the Amazonian superfood, acai, well before the trend caught on over here. You still think it’s minging.
9. Eaten guinea pig in Peru and then felt guilty for the next two months every time you pictured your childhood pet.
10. Discovered the coaches are amazing – loads of leg-room, almost horizontal chairs, English TV. But why the hell don’t they turn off the fricking air-con? They are FREEZING!
11. Eaten a whole cow’s worth of steak in Argentina without even denting the budget. Awesome.
12. Realised South America is one of the most epic places on the planet.
Any to add? Let me know 🙂

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