Five things you should know about Blonde Almond Cheshire:

  1. Blonde Almond is all about the good life in Cheshire and Manchester from blogger and award-winning travel journalist, Helen Warwick. I’m here to bring you the area’s coolest haunts and hippest hangouts, helping you navigate it’s culinary map and discovers its hidden depths.
  2. I wanted to develop a platform for the pleasure-seekers out there – even if you’re a parent, it doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling, eating out or staying in plush hotels. I also wanted to create a blog that people can actually trust – no embellishments, no lies, no bullsh*t.
  3. All the content is written by me. And you won’t find any PR fluff either – I only post reviews or stories that I honestly want to shout about.
  4. If you’d like to see your business on Blonde Almond, feel free to get in touch at helen@blondealmond.com. I welcome free tickets to events, bars, restaurants etc for the purpose of reviewing and posting to the site and I’m also very interested in collaborations.
  5. If, for whatever reason, I have a bad experience, I won’t knock your business with a bad review – I just won’t post it. That way, my readers can fully trust everything I write about.